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London Book Launch

Posted on: September 24th, 2015

Dear Bill Bryson: Footnotes from a Small Island enjoyed a launch at the Stoke Newington Bookshop on September 17. There were more than seven people there, which is not bad, and plenty of cheese. The author, who is 29 and from Portsmouth and an Aquarius, didn’t fall over or fart while reading chapter four – also not bad.  

Paris Launch

Aitken wrote most of Dear Bill Bryson as a writer-in-residence at the Shakespeare and Company bookshop in Paris, where the book will have a second launch on Monday 26 October. For those who would like to attend the Paris launch, let us know and we’ll arrange a Boris Bike for you. 

Book Tube Launch

Further to the conventional book launches / readings in London and Paris, Dear Bill Bryson will also be subjected to a Book Tube Launch. On Thursday 8th October, the author and 26 acolytes will launch the book on the Circle Line. What will this entail exactly? At 10 am the author will board at Embankment and begin reading his own book (the narcissist!). At each subsequent station another person will board the carriage and begin reading the same book. After 27 stations a human reading sculpture would have been created, where it will remain for twelve hours. The sculpture will leave Westminster at 10pm en masse, and go to the pub. Free copies of the book will be given to the most curious commuters.