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Travel Book Launch on the Circle Line – Dear Bill Bryson – 11/10/15

Posted on: October 9th, 2015

Following a conventional book launch at the Stoke Newington Bookshop last week, Dear Bill Bryson: Footnotes from a Small Island will also be subjected to an peculiar launch on the London Underground. On Sunday 11 October, the author and 26 acolytes will launch the book on the Circle Line in London.

At 12pm the author – wearing a fetching Bill Bryson mask, available for a short time only – will board a westbound Circle Line train at Westminster and begin reading his own book (the narcissist!).

bryson on tube

​The author pretending to be Bryson reading a book about the author pretending to be Bryson . . .

At each subsequent station another person – also wearing a Bryson mask – will board the carriage and begin reading the same book. After 27 stations a human reading sculpture would have been created, where it will remain (increasingly bored) for several hours, or until the police arrive. The sculpture will then leave the carriage, ride the escalator up and down in single file for twenty minutes or so (because why not?), squeeze onto a bus and then go to the pub.

Free books!

Free hard copies of the book will be given to the most curious commuters; free e-books will be given to anyone that wants one.

​If David's doing it, surely it's a good idea...

​If David’s doing it, surely it’s a good idea . . .

​Ever the contrarian, Boris prefers to read upside-down on the tube.

​Ever the contrarian, Boris prefers to read upside-down on the tube.